Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America (AfLARA)

With great challenges come  great opportunities.

The Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America facilitates conversations, ideas, information, and resources at the intersection of law and rurality. 


A group to unite us. 

The Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America aims to bring greater awareness, attention, energy, and momentum to the efforts of rural people, community leaders, lawyers, rural and legal scholars, social scientists, law school students, educators, and administrators, bar associations, legal services organizations, state access to justice commissions, nonprofits, and any other individuals or organizations working at or near the intersection of law and rurality.    

We are nonpartisan, nonexclusionary, and eager to hear your voice.                                                                              


May 2017

"We need a steady pipeline of capable and committed lawyers, judges, and lawmakers in all 50 states. Even lawyers who will never step foot into rural America must better understand the roles that geography, culture, and politics play in federal policies. The future of our democracy truly depends on it."

The National Law Journal, "It's Time to Heed the Call of Rural America" / Read Full Article


Our Work

We intend the activities of the organization to grow and evolve with the involvement of its members. How can this Alliance serve to promote and support your efforts? Where would you like to take the organization over the next few months/years? In this pilot phase, and as a bellwether of any next steps, we're offering a number of ways for you to engage with others thinking and working in this space.  Click "Learn More" for more information on ways you can get involved.

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Our Partners

The Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America is eager to partner with organizations working at the intersection of law and rurality in the United States. Please reach out to us at with any potential partnership ideas. 



Our Beliefs

It is our intention that the Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America will serve to pool the diverse talents and viewpoints of all its members as we unite around the following beliefs: 

1. Too many of our country's rural areas experience a shortage of legal resources to meet their myriad and diverse legal needs;

2. The consequences of this shortage belong to all of us, as do the means and responsibility to address it; and

3. Rural America embodies vast potential for innovation and growth in the law, the legal industry, the economy, our country, and our society.