With your involvement, AfLARA can become even greater than the sum of our members.


We're glad you're here.

You have something to say and work to do, and we want to help you get it done. The Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America encourages you to

(1) stay connected with the organization,

(2) join a topic of conversation to listen, learn, and share your work and ideas,

(3) find common ground with others working in your industry and community, and

(4) follow us on social media.

And of course, if you have other ideas for ways we can help convene a critical mass at the intersection of law and rural America, please let us know at lawandruralamerica@gmail.com.

Keep reading for details on each option.

1. Stay connected with AfLara

Subscribing to our mailing list is an easy way to stay tuned to AfLARA's news, events, and other announcements. Please click here to subscribe via our membership form.

2. join the conversation

AfLARA facilitates Google Group conversations, much like email listserves, on the topics of (1) legal education and rural America, (2) rural access to justice, (3) rural news and legal issues, and (4) state-specific rural/legal issues. Please use these Groups to share your work and relevant news, events, and scholarship, and learn from others also interested in these topics.

You can subscribe to the Google Groups via our membership form. Please click here to access the form.

Questions about using a non-Gmail address for the Google Groups, reducing the number of emails you receive, or other Google Groups settings? Please click here for Google Groups FAQs.

3. Find common ground

You may choose to include a brief professional profile in our member's database so that you can network with like-minded members from across the country. We hope that you will use this feature to find collaborators in your state or in a particular field of expertise. If you would like to join the AfLARA member database, please click here.

4. follow us on social media

Like us on Facebook

5. Read Our newsletter

Every month, AfLARA releases a newsletter, which you can find here.

6. Volunteer with us

AfLARA is always looking for volunteers who can help us carry out our mission. More information about these opportunities can be found here.


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